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Ravages Network

Ravages Network is a Minecraft server currently consisting of a factions server. Ravages is more than just your ordinary Factions server it contains 300+ Quests so you will never run out of thing to do, Head Hunting to earn yourself an extra bit of money and also obtain awesome custom masks that will help you in battle, 430+ tags to suit your cosmetic needs, 4 different crates containing 140+ rewards, Inventory pets to not only look cool but give you awesome abilities too, MCMMO so you can increase your skill level in all different departments, Galaxy Armour, Clue Scrolls when completed will give you a special reward, 70+ Custom enchants, God kits and normal Kits, Supply crates which drop in the warzone and contain loot, raiding room to show you the basics of raiding, Bar to test your luck and win money, XP Boosters, Bosses which drop insane rewards, War Tokens and Koths.

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